• August 18, 2016

    Kitchen Designs For Your Home Or Business In Newcastle & Sydney

    Multi Award-Winning Kitchen Designers

    Our multi award-winning team of design experts will help bring your dream kitchen into reality. We invite you to share with us your specific needs so that we can incorporate your vision in the overall layout.

    Our portfolio of past projects was made by some of the best kitchen designers. We also understand all the current trends and innovative ideas in kitchen design, making us fully capable of delivering layouts that will not only dazzle, but serve their intended purpose.

    Evolution of Kitchen Designs in Newcastle, Sydney and throughout the Central Coast

    In the past, kitchens were just obscure, dark dingy workrooms (before electricity and running water, they were not even separate rooms; but simply consisted of a hearth and a table used for both food preparation and dining).

    The current sleek and attractive kitchen layouts are held up as fashion statements within the home. From the early 20th century, kitchen designers incorporated advanced technologies and innovative appliances. We also have the added luxury of much more storage spaces and bench tops for food preparation, apart from dining tables.

    The old ‘masonite’ cupboards of the past have been replaced by faux timber doors. Traditional bench tops now have innovative bacterial resistant materials with multiple designs and flashy colours ranging from green and yellow to bright orange. Current layouts don’t just serve their purpose, but are also true works of art that reflect the home owner’s personal exquisite tastes.

    Different Types of Kitchen Designs

    We understand the wide variety of roles served by cooking spaces in modern homes; hence we apply various selections of beautiful kitchen designs to cater for such roles:
    Young families gather for after-school homework and snacks, while adults prepare evening meals. Such cooking spaces must be spacious with proper zoning, while remaining presentable and attractive.

    Kitchens also play a key role in entertaining guests – guests would be enjoying aperitifs and chatting around the island, while dinner gets ready. A highly sophisticated and glamorous layout is sure to display your exquisite tastes and further dazzle your guests.

    Cooking areas are an integral part of the hospitality industry and corporate institutions. We always follow strict regulations for these commercial establishments, including the Australian Standards AS DR01314 – Draft for Design, Construction and Fit Out of Food Premises.

    New innovations in appliances mean that extra fittings are required in cooking spaces. A sample of these include: microwaves, toasters, refrigerators, bread makers, blenders, juicers, mixers, among countless others. Our expert designers know exactly how to house such appliances seamlessly within cabinets, islands, open shelves, pull-out units, dressers and other fixtures.

    All these appliances, features and fixtures are incorporated within suitable layouts, including: one-wall, L-shape, U-shape/horseshoe, gallery/parallel, island and peninsula.

    Personalised Kitchen Designs, Sydney & Newcastle

    We always ensure that the design fits your personal tastes so that your kitchen becomes a place you enjoy to cook and eat in. Kitchen designs are also customised according to the specific circumstances of your home:

    • We accommodate special needs of physically challenged home owners.
    • We also cater to the desires of both young and old alike, to create a cooking/ dining area that each one is comfortable to stay in.
    • We take into account the number of people who will use the cooking area, to create ample space and proper access for all users.
    • We work around the existing room size in your home by applying creative and innovative strategies that maximise even the most limited spaces.
    • Existing appliances, whether big or small, are fully incorporated in the overall layout.

    Our professional team of experts has competently designed cooking spaces for both small and big families, as well as large corporations. Each layout offers a highly functional, presentable and
    convenient fit of all essential components.

    We will work closely with you to ensure timely delivery of the best design that suits you.

  • August 11, 2016

    Leading Manufacturer of Custom Kitchens

    We have a strong reputation of innovative and flexible design, exceptional service and expert craftsmanship in installation and renovation of custom kitchens. Sydney, Newcastle, and NSW Central Coast residents – as well as many Australian interior designers, commercial developers and builders – consider us their number one choice.

    Here’s an overview of what we have to offer:

    New Kitchen Installations

    We manage every detail of your kitchen installation. All installations are highly customised to suit your unique needs and personal tastes. We apply the highest industry based standards in layout design to ensure high functionality, convenience and attractive cooking/dining spaces.

    Our portfolio features a wide variety of layout options, including peninsula, gallery/ parallel, l-shape, among others. We work collaboratively with each home owner to ensure the most convenient zoning that will enable maximum efficiency and manoeuvrability.

    All fixtures are deliberately selected to fit the particular usage: either heavy commercial use or light home applications. This ensures that you pay only for what you need. Appliances are also selected based on efficiency (based on the highest ratings of the Water Efficiency Labelling and Standards (WELS) Scheme). Each selection also enhances the overall look within the cooking space.

    We are always in touch with all the latest innovations, which we incorporate within each installation. Such innovations enable maximum utilisation of available space, easy access of food preparation items and reduced clutter. Some innovative fixtures include pull-out units, folding doors, and corner drawers, among others.

    The most durable and presentable materials are selected for table tops, cabinet doors and wall panels. A wide variety of finishes and colours are available to produce an enchanting and presentable layout.

    Even as we strive to deliver the best designs, we also ensure that your installation costs remain affordable. Our all-inclusive package ensures that local council fees, permits and levies are all catered for.

    Kitchen Renovations

    Renovations are not simply patching up an old kitchen, but transforming it to look as good as new or even better.

    We deliver affordable, timely and personalised renovations that improve the functionality, look and convenience within all kitchens. Newcastle, Sydney, Central Coast and NSW residents can expect our expert designers to assess all critical issues that need improvement, ranging from inefficient zoning to unappealing layouts. By transforming such issues, your maneuverability, cooking/ food preparation times and many other aspects can be significantly improved.

    A wide variety of efficient appliances are available, which our team of expert craftsmen can install professionally. We don’t just create captivating dream kitchens, but we also ensure that such spaces are also energy efficient and cost-effective. We always install efficient appliances and create sufficient lighting and proper ventilation. This reduces electricity and water bills and ensures a healthy environment.

    Safety is a critical aspect that you should always expect from an expert kitchen remodel-er. We realise that majority of household fires during winter start from the kitchen; therefore, we ensure that all safety features are properly installed. This also means proper layouts that give necessary clearance and minimal obstructions. Proper placement of appliances and professional fitting of utilities are also key features.

    Our Team

    We have a professional team that includes expert designers and specialist tradesmen. Our capable team ensures that every appliance or fixture fits your specific needs and preferences. We always work closely with every home-owner to develop highly-functional, personalised, affordable and beautiful kitchens.


  • August 4, 2016

    Kitchen Cabinets to Improve your Home Renovation

    Modern kitchen cabinets are not just storage facilities, but versatile, flexible and appealing focal points within the overall kitchen layout. We understand the critical role served by cabinets; hence, we put in extra effort on planning the most appropriate dimensions, design and placement of these fixtures.

    Our dedicated team of professionals utilises the latest innovations to deliver convenient, presentable and affordable kitchen cabinets.

    Innovative Kitchen Cabinets

    Accessing stored items can be a major challenge if you have the cumbersome, ubiquitous traditional door designs. This is why we incorporate the most user-friendly door innovations:

    • We have a list of recommended manufacturers for soft closing doors and drawers.
    • Handle-less cupboards: With this option, your entire cabinet installation will literally look like a panelled wall rather than a cupboard. All you need to do is gently tap the door for it to open – a true embodiment of streamlined and sleek finishing.
    • Doors that fold out of the way can provide sufficient clearance in front of cupboards, especially in small, narrow kitchens.

    Flexible Storage Solutions

    Gone are the days when you were limited to storing china and glassware on top shelves, while only utensils went into the drawers. Our expert designers understand how to install the best cabinets integrated with flexible storage solutions, such as pull-out drawers.

    Such flexible storage solutions solve the often-disturbing issue of accessing stored items. Reaching through to the deepest recesses of drawers is safely convenient with pull out drawers, pull-out racks/ baskets and tiered shelf stands. These features offer easy reach of essential items, which is a highly valued aspect, particularly in the current digital age where we can get virtually anything at the click of a button.

    We exploit every available space within your kitchen to incorporate some form of storage. This includes the kitchen island, which is especially useful for efficient space use in small kitchens. New corner shelf designs also allow maximum use of such restricted areas.

    A selection of appliances can also be fitted into cabinetry, including refrigerators and dishwashers. These help to reduce clutter within the kitchen. Combined with many other features, including wall-mounted knife magnets, saucepan holders, drawer dividers, dressers and other free-standing units, you can achieve the most efficient storage within your cooking space.

    Cabinet Features

    An extensive evaluation of all the critical features of cabinets is necessary when selecting and installing:

    • Various cabinet materials are selected based on durability, cost and aesthetic value. These include: solid wood, medium density fibreboard (MDF), thermo foil, plywood, particle boards, plastic laminate veneer and melamine.
    • The colour and aesthetic value of cabinets is a key consideration in selecting options that complement the intended design theme.
    • Lighting: Convenient retrieval of stored items is not possible using only ceiling and wall-mounted lights. Hence, the Apollo Kitchens design team ensures that every nook and cranny of the cooking space is well-lit by including extra lighting sources such as under-cabinet lighting, as well as task lights.

    Custom Cabinets

    Our professional team of designers always considers your exact needs and personal tastes when planning cabinet installations.

    We not only adhere to the highest industry standards in cabinet design, but also abide by the Liveable Housing Design guidelines, which ensure safety and ease of use for all occupants within the home, including: people with disability or temporary injuries, aging Australians, as well as families with young children.

    To ensure durable and strong installations, we employ expert craftsmanship during fitting of kitchen cabinets. Newcastle and Sydney residents can be assured of secure joints, use of proper materials and perfect finishes that give a presentable look to any kitchen.

  • July 15, 2016

    Apollo custom kitchens will look perfect in your home

    We take pride in designing the most practical and enchanting new kitchens. Sydney and Newcastle residents can attest to our proven track record of professional service.

    While installing kitchens, we manage every detail of the project so you have the least inconvenience. Just sit back and enjoy the sight of your kitchen come to life. Most of all, we provide kitchen installation solutions customised to your personal needs and tastes – a ‘one size fits all’ solution has never been our motto.

    Whether you are extending a new home, fitting out commercial premises or building a new residence, we will deliver top-notch services.

    Intricate Design

    Design is not just about fanciful placement of fixtures and appliance. We follow some of the highest industry-based standards in designing high utility, convenient and luxurious kitchen layouts.
    Our expert team of professionals is experienced in all forms of layouts and zoning. Some of the layouts we incorporate in brand new kitchens include: one-wall, u-shape/ horseshoe, L-shape, island, gallery/ parallel and peninsula. We will also incorporate the most convenient zoning (includes washing, storage and cooking zones) to ensure proper lighting and ventilation, door clearance, clearance between units and safety.

    We have specialist designers who understand appropriate designs for young families, mature families, singles, corporate kitchens and commercial establishments. You can also expect proper placement of fixtures and appliances for the best utility based on how frequently you use various appliances.
    The final products are always comfortable, convenient and easy to clean cooking/ dining spaces.

    High Quality Appliances

    All basic appliances are seamlessly incorporated into kitchen layouts to create the best new kitchens. These include: kettles, toasters, microwaves, refrigerators, cook tops and ovens. Upon request, extra gadgets will be added for greater convenience, including: coffee machines, bread makers, fryers, food processors, blenders, mixers, juicers, slow cookers, steamers and smoothie makers.
    The choice of particular models depends on dimensions of kitchen fittings, so as to give a seamless fit. Each appliance also complements the overall theme in your design layout. We always recommend appliances with the highest Water Efficiency Labelling and Standards (WELS) scheme rating.

    Features and Fixtures

    We possess extensive knowledge and expertise in installation of all manner of features and fixtures. These mostly include storage facilities, such as open shelves, islands, pull-out units, hooks, corner storage racks, floor-to-ceiling cupboards, dressers and other freestanding units. Some extras also include wine racks and plate racks.

    All fixtures are appropriately suited to the dimensions of your kitchen. The choice of materials for cabinetry and bench tops is also designed to accentuate the overall layout. A wide selection of materials is available, including: natural or synthetic stone, laminates and stainless steel. You also have the option of varying colours and sizes to create the perfect finish in contemporary, modern or classic styles.

    Our extensive options are guaranteed to deliver the best fittings for a wide variety of styles and layouts.

    Specialist Tradesmen

    Apart from incorporating the highest quality of features, fixtures and appliances, we also use certified and highly qualified tradesmen. Our skilled team of tradespeople constructs drawers and cupboards onsite and installs them professionally.

    No aspect is too small or too big – we put in our best effort in every detail.

    How Much Do New Kitchens Cost?

    The cost of new kitchens is flexible and varies according to kitchen sizes and extent of design installations. Costs vary depending on design complexity, fixtures and features, materials used, appliances selected, as well as trade components.

    However, you can expect an amount that is approximately 10% of overall house value. Materials constitute approximately 46% of total cost, while labour costs make up around a third of the total cost. We also ensure that all local council fees, levies and permits are catered for.

    We cater to every detail and are flexible enough to accommodate special requests during kitchen installation. Newcastle and Sydney residents can expect the highest professional service from us, whether for a kitchen design, commercial kitchen or a renovation.

  • June 15, 2016

    Commercial Kitchen Fitouts and Projects

    Premium quality workmanship, innovative design and the most customer-friendly service is what you can expect from Apollo’s custom made commercial kitchens.

    We are not only cost-effective (taking care of your bottom-line), but also highly flexible to ensure tailor-made services for each client. The best commercial kitchens will be available for your use within the fastest possible time and bearing the best possible features for a truly efficient and fulfilling food preparation experience.

    Numerous satisfied clients can attest to our proven experience, flexible and affordable design and installation, as well as the highest quality standards.

    Proven Experience When It Comes to Kitchen Fitouts

    Every commercial establishment seeks to reduce the level of risk in any investment it undertakes. This is why design and installation of your kitchen should only be placed in capable hands – a firm which has a long-term record of delivering high quality installations.

    We at Apollo Kitchens possess a successful track record of working with leading building companies during the design and installation of high quality commercial projects. This is why we are the choice kitchen supplier for numerous builders all over Australia.

    Our team of experts has attained the most proficient levels of training to competently design and install any type of commercial kitchen fitouts. We also continually update our skills in line with new developments and trends within the kitchen installation industry. Most of all, each of our personnel is keenly interested in delivering even better service than what clients expect.

    Flexible and Affordable Design and Installation of Commercial Kitchens

    We work very closely with builders during the critical inception stages of house-building to ensure that the end product is not only satisfactory, but highly customised to suit clients’ needs and wants. Moreover, our expert team of professionals works within your budget limits, yet ensures that you get the most valuable end product that is not only tastefully designed, but also one-of-a-kind.

    Highest Quality Standards in Commercial Kitchens

    Every kitchen installation incorporates all the crucial aspects of high quality design. These include:

    Energy Efficiency:
    We always consider the long-term costs in maintaining every installation, since all commercial establishments desire the greatest return on their investments. Therefore, we apply the most efficient and durable equipment to ensure maximum energy efficiency. This will lead to long-term profitability for the establishment.

    The critical aspect of space can never be disregarded, especially in a commercial kitchen layout. This is an important factor that will greatly affect work flow and efficiency within such a cooking area. Efficiency in employee mobility, storage and food preparation depend on the best space considerations.
    Apollo Kitchens abides by the highest industry standards in spacing of food preparation areas. This allows for maximum use of available space, while ensuring the best safety standards.

    Health Standards:
    Our expert team of professionals is keenly aware of all applicable health standards with regard to commercial food preparation areas. Hence, all designs fully comply with every current legislation, including the Occupational Health, Safety and Welfare Act 1986, the Building Code of Australia and the Occupational Health, Safety and Welfare Regulations (1995).
    Such standards are necessary for prevention of contaminants, proper lighting, adequate ventilation, effective disposal of waste, proper cleaning and sanitisation. This will not only ensure health of all personnel, but also all people who visit the restaurant.

    Our team always puts in an extra effort, beyond the basic guidelines of appropriate design in order to make cooking environments much more user-friendly.
    All the fixtures and fittings are purposely designed to facilitate greatest efficiency and comfort. Indeed, when people are able to perform all necessary chores with minimal walking, bending, turning and reaching, they will incur much fewer injuries and experience less discomfort or fatigue. This is bound to deliver greater performance within the kitchen.

  • June 11, 2016

    Interior Kitchen Fitouts Across Sydney and The Central Coast

    Experts in retail kitchen fitouts

    At Apollo Kitchens, our team of design and installation experts can deliver high quality kitchen fitouts for your retail space. No matter if you are looking for something sleek and high-class, or modern and laid-back, our talented kitchen designers will create you an interior look that is on-brand and on-point.

    Fitouts suitable for any commercial or hospitality space

    With a wealth of experience in the interior design industry, we are able to construct brand-ready kitchens for your hospitality kitchen, or a beautifully modern kitchen for your business. Whether you need a kitchen fitout for your café or restaurant, or you’re a developer that has shops located within your residential development, we understand that your business needs to get up and running as soon as possible. Having analysed your scope and expectations, we will work with your exact business needs to design a workspace that improves workflow, is ergonomically sound and will help you produce meals of sumptuous quality.

    That’s why we’ve become adept at carrying out high quality installations efficiently, cost effectively and with a minimum of fuss. We strive to provide you cost-effective solutions that fit in with your budget, ensuring that everyone is able to access the top designs available in our showrooms, in both Sydney and Newcastle.

    Contact us in Sydney for more information on your designs

    Ask us how to organise efficient installation in your home. We aim to complete each job – whether for a kitchen renovation or an installation in a new home – as promptly as possible, so you are not left out-of-sorts and can enjoy your new kitchen sooner.

  • May 30, 2016

    Affordable Kitchen Renovations

    We don’t just renovate your kitchen, but transform it into a living area that everyone would want to spend their time in. Our expert and professional team guarantees timely, convenient and personalised kitchen renovations. Sydney and Newcastle are our main client locations, but we have the capacity to serve further destinations. Our renovation service is designed to improve the appearance, ease of use, value and many other aspects of your kitchen.

    Top quality renovations for a kitchen will always create a well-organised and highly efficient cooking/ dining space. We always achieve this in every single remodelling project. This enhances work flow in your kitchen and reduces cooking time (old kitchens normally force you to walk 7 steps from one counter to the other, but new designs reduce this by half, hence cutting your cooking time by 20 minutes).

    Efficiency is achieved through a combination of various features, including: good design, proper zoning of different areas, lighting and ventilation, as well as appropriate safety features. Most of all, installing more efficient appliances will ensure that your operational costs are significantly reduced. For example, a convection oven can reduce energy use by 30%.
    Our team of experts possesses long term experience in developing highly efficient cooking spaces, while constantly keeping up-to-date with new innovations within the industry.

    Low Maintenance
    Investment in any remodelling project will definitely be worthless if it leads to hefty recurring costs. We are keenly aware of this fact; therefore, we only install the highest quality materials during kitchen renovations.

    Some of the high quality materials bearing little maintenance costs include counters that don’t absorb cooking ingredients, hence reducing the chances of bacterial infestation. We also apply innovative and highly durable materials in flooring, counter tops and walls. These need very little maintenance – you can simply wipe to keep them clean – no need for rigorous scrubbing and mopping each time you cook.

    We understand that the true value of any kitchen remodel is determined by its long term use. Therefore, we guarantee long lasting results.

    Property Value:
    Our professional remodelling team always offers dedicated and top-quality service to every client. Whether you intend to live in, sell or rent out your house, we always ensure that the remodel on your cooking space adds value to your property.

    Remodelling costs can be viewed as a worthwhile investment. An average renovation involving cook tops, ovens, range hoods and dishwashers has the potential of giving returns of approximately $1,000 worth of depreciation deductions every year, during the first 5 years.

    Highly Customised
    No two people will ever have exactly the same preferences on the design of their cooking spaces. Therefore, we always accommodate your kitchen renovation ideas during the project. Based on our professional expertise, we help you achieve your personal vision.

    You might simply want a particular set of appliances, a specific cabinet design, extra storage space or any other preferences you may have. Our expert designers discuss with you the best possible options to achieve such personal tastes.

    No idea is ever too wild or crazy. Feel free to share your personal suggestions with us so that we can create a personal space that reflects your true character and makes you feel truly at home.

    How Much Will It Cost?
    Each kitchen renovation cost depends on the extent of reconstruction. Various aspects that will determine cost include: materials used in renovation, type of appliances installed, size of renovated space, remodelling of utilities, among other considerations.
    Generally, the cost of renovation would range between 4% – 6% of your property value.

    For stellar design in the Central Coast, contact Apollo
    All these important aspects are carefully incorporated into the planning and implementation of our kitchen renovations. Newcastle, Sydney and Central Coast, NSW home owners can be assured that we’ll transform boring and cumbersome kitchens into places they’ll love to spend time in.

  • May 19, 2016

    Visit Our Dedicated Kitchen Showrooms In Newcastle And Sydney

    Showrooms that help you envision the kitchen in your own home

    We invite you to visit Instyle by Apollo Kitchens Hettich Endorsed Showrooms to experience the style, comfort and superior function Hettich products can bring to your home.

    Hettich Endorsed Showrooms are a selection of handpicked and exceptional showrooms that showcase Hettich products. This superior German manufacturers design kitchen solutions that turn heads, making for sleek and streamlined kitchens that are a joy to explore. Proud to have been endorsed by this world-leading brand, we continue to showcase our products in our centralised showrooms.

    These showrooms are specifically chosen for their range, the quality of the product and displays on offer and their truly outstanding customer service.

    Hettich have answers for your every kitchen hardware need and we are proud to be at the forefront of new concepts and trends.

    What sets our kitchen showrooms and design apart?

    We aim to make your time spent in the kitchen more efficient, easier and more enjoyable. Through intelligent design, we create a workspace that allows you to perfect your cooking technique and entertain guests with ease; an ergonomic wonder of design that will be a pleasure to cook in every single night.

    Completely custom-designed, each of our kitchens is based on what works well for you. After determining your needs, we personalise your kitchen and its fittings and finishes to suit your home and your life. The possibilities are nearly endless.

    Contact our showrooms on the Central Coast

    For more information on how to introduce these superior interior design solutions into your home, please do not hesitate to contact the customer service team at Apollo Kitchens, whether in Sydney, Newcastle or NSW Central Coast. Dedicated to your interior needs, we are more than happy to discuss your upcoming renovation, new home build or custom kitchen design. Book a no-obligation quote in your own home and envision your new kitchen sooner.




  • April 12, 2016

    Layouts of Modern Kitchens and Innovative Lighting

    We now have the luxury of eating in informal setups within the kitchen, either on bar stools or at the table. This is far removed from the formal dining rooms of the 20th century. Such changes are also reflected in the choice of more showy and glitzy finishes, including white or darker walnut and mahogany, full overlay slab panel doors/ drawer fronts – a far cry from the overwrought, fussy-looking and hyper detailed cabinets of the past. Cabinets play a key role in such a setup, purposefully built to visually occupy up to 75 percent of the room.

    Less visual clutter is the underlying theme in all modern layouts. Our expert designers ensure that you achieve this look with such features as inconspicuous finger pulls cut into the lips of panels or finger grabs on top of cabinet doors. The result is a sleek and streamlined design.

    You can also take advantage of our new and innovative integrated appliance installations. These are designed to easily conceal even the most essential of kitchen appliances. Your unassuming kitchen would have dishwasher drawers that can carry small loads or under-counter refrigerators. Such appliances ensure that your kitchen remains highly functional, yet presentable.

    The best modern kitchens possess unique lighting styles designed to illuminate every nook and cranny within the cooking space. Dark under-cupboard areas no longer exist; whereas automatic pantry lights help you find everything you need without fidgeting around for concealed items. We also fit your cook tops and sinks with special task lights for safe and easier food preparation. Of course, glitzy and showy pendant lights will add a bit of flair and touch of personality within your cooking/ dining area.




  • February 25, 2016

    Advanced Storage Solutions in Modern Kitchens

    We offer a reinvented set of storage solutions to offer much greater access and convenience than was ever possible in the past. Some of the innovations include:Pullout storage: Under-bench drawers featuring pull out storage will eliminate any need to bend over in search of cook ware and other items lurking in the furthest recesses.

    Pull out pantry racks and baskets allow easy access to potatoes, carrots, spice jars and every other item you need.

    Corner shelves: The latest innovation in the pullout family, which allows you to use every single space of corner cupboards, up to the very back.

    Our professional team incorporates many other innovative features for greater convenience within your cooking area. Such features include: saucepan holders, drawer dividers, tiered pantry shelves, wall mounted knife magnets and refrigerator baskets, which easy access to every needed item.

    New innovations in the design of utilities have also facilitated greater customization and installation of luxury modern kitchens. For instance, dishwashers can be placed within island benches or raised to easily accessible heights.

    The rigid ‘work triangle’ (fridge, sink and stove) is no longer a rule when determining layouts for modern kitchens. Newcastle and Sydney residents can expect us to customise every kitchen based on their specific personal needs and preferences.